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About Video Holograms - Holographic illusions

What are video holograms and holographic illusions?

Video holograms are highly realistic representations of real objects or people created using normal video projections, which can be viewed by an audience without gadgets or glasses. The content may be created using either filmed subjects or, computer generated graphics or a mixture of both.

​What can I do with Video Holograms? 

There are limitless ways in which holographic technology can be used. Think of the opportunities that open up if a presenter or star doesn’t have to be there physically present in order to appear. Famously Tupac, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas and Frank Sinatra have all performed as holograms, and whether it’s bringing back a dead pop star or fighting the Indian elections, holograms are an increasingly valuable way to communicate to an audience. Beyond the celebrities, any number of teachers, preachers, entertainers or speakers can present themselves realistically to your audience in a way that’s guaranteed to grab attention and get people to listen.


But it doesn’t stop there. Objects or artifacts can be displayed in an easily accessible but highly realistic manner. A simple  rescaling means the very large or the very small can be staged for live audiences, whether it’s a new aircraft or the latest mobile device, and concepts such as data distribution networks can be demonstrated in graphical and understandable way. Training and visualization for fields from military to medical can also benefit.

Video Holograms get attention

Holographic projection has proven to be much more engaging than other forms of visual communication and attracts viewers in a far more powerful way than conventional imaging technology.


The use of holograms at exhibitions at least doubles the dwell and interaction time with the content (and by up to 10 times in some cases), compared with other standard forms of communication such as LCD screens and conventional video projections.


Holographic illusions challenge the human mind.  They are a magically visual experience.

3D HoloNet

Outdoor testing of 3D HoloNet

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