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3D HoloNet TM 

Holographic Projection - Simplified



3D HoloNet  is a video hologram projection system that allows holographic illusions to be created using front projection. The real silver incorporated in the screen reflects high levels of projected light to create bright and punchy 3D visuals and holographic type effects. In the right light, areas with no projected image go transparent, and become invisible to the audience. This gives the impression of solid objects and real people existing in 3D space.


Our patent pending product is reuseable many times over, and designed with practicality in mind. It is easy to rig, and fits easily into a small bag for storage. Our unique construction is run-resistant and 3D HoloNet  can be simply rigged from a bar or truss, then lightly tensioned for use.


Holographic illusions

  Video shows high quality CGI projected onto 3D HoloNet ™

Video shows the life-like quality and 3D effect when video projecting onto 3D HoloNet ™

"Projection mapping the air"  

Outdoor night time video showing, stunning "holographic type" 3D effects that are possible when  using a 3D HoloNet ™

The CGI content is video projected onto the 3D HoloNet ™ gauze.  The gauze is invisible to the eye when viewed against the night sky.

Holographic illusions
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